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All About Therapy

According to the American Psychological Association, “Psychologists help people of all ages live happier, healthier and more productive lives.” At Restoring Hope Counselling we aim to assist individuals and couples to thrive through improved psychological and relational health.

We believe that the best way to achieve this is through a cooperative and respectful working relationship, where each works hard to obtain the best results. We call this partnering for success. It is built on a foundation of honesty, openness, respect, trust and care.

As our psychologist brings his skills, knowledge of best practice, training and experience to the therapy session, so too the client brings their depth of life experience and deep knowledge of themselves. Together this partnership can provide leverage for success.

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Services Offered

Telehealth (phone or video) consultations are now available. 

Medicare and private health insurance rebates are available - as applicable.


Individual Psychotherapy


In my therapy sessions, we’ll work to solve current problems and improve positive thinking and behavior. I will help you “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. I’m confident you’ll find my personalized Private Counseling beneficial and inspirational. Get in touch to book an appointment.

Standard session rates are $160 for a standard consultation. Medicare rebates are available for individuals with a mental health care plan. Private health insurance may apply but you should check with your provider.

Couples Counselling

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Keeping our intimate relationship healthy requires deliberate effort but often the important things in our daily life get in the way of our togetherness.

For some relationships betrayal and painful conflict lead patterns of criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and stonewalling. Researchers (Gottman, 1999) now know that couples are more likely to separate when these behaviours become embedded in a relationship. 

Couples therapy can help you identify and change these destructive patterns, work though painful betrayal, and establish new and fruitful ways of doing life together.


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Many of the new skills you learn in counselling will assist you to become a more resilient and capable individual. Skills groups provide a wonderful environment to practice these new skills with the assistance of a trained therapist if needed. 

At Restoring Hope Counselling we offer groups focusing on mindfulness, fostering close relationships, parenting and more. Check out our Upcoming Events for a group that interests you.

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About our psychologist.

Glenn Cameron is a registered psychologist and relationship counsellor with over 14 years of experience working with individuals and couples. His experience in private practice covers a wide range of issues including:

  • Relationship conflict, separation and divorce

  • Parenting difficulties

  • Issues around religious faith

  • Mental health problems

  • Domestic violence,

  • Grief and loss, and

  • Trauma. 

Having worked as a School psychologist as well as in private practice Glenn provides psychological services for primary school aged children, adolescents and adults of all ages.

Glenn has broad experience helping people with mental health conditions and is qualified to deliver a range of therapies including ACT, ITP, EMDR and CBT.  He has worked with survivors of childhood trauma including sexual and physical abuse and recognises that the memories of such events can sometimes lead to confusion and difficulties in life. Glenn’s warm and encouraging approach helps his clients make sense of the past, and find hope in the future.

Being happily married for over 30 years Glenn is passionate about helping couples develop fruitful and rewarding relationships. He believes that when two people decide to work on their relationship couple counselling offers a unique environment to change despair in to hope, allowing couples to reap the blessings that come from a respectful and loving relationship.

Glenn is registered as a psychologist with AHPRA and is an associate member of the Australian Psychological Society.


Upcoming Events

  • Learning to thrive: In relationships
    Postponed due to COVID-19
    253 Great Western Hwy, St Marys NSW 2759, Australia
    Postponed due to COVID-19
    253 Great Western Hwy, St Marys NSW 2759, Australia
    The Improving your relationships seminar teaches couples and individuals how to build and maintain healthy relationships. Psychologist and couples counsellor Glenn Cameron will present research based knowledge and outline the skills needed to build close and resilient relationships. Cost: $30 each.
  • Learning to thrive: managing depression, anxiety and stress.
    Postponed due to COVID-19
    253 Great Western Hwy, St Marys NSW 2760, Australia
    Postponed due to COVID-19
    253 Great Western Hwy, St Marys NSW 2760, Australia
    In this interactive workshop you'll learn ways to manage your stress and practice skills that can help you relax and reduced excessive worry and symptoms of depression. Cost: $30 (Includes morning tea and a cappuccino for the coffee lovers)
  • Mindfulness, movement and easy health tips. (4 week series)
    Postponed due to COVID-19
    253 Great Western Hwy, St Marys NSW 2760, Australia
    Postponed due to COVID-19
    253 Great Western Hwy, St Marys NSW 2760, Australia
    Four x 2 hour Monday evening mindfulness workshops. Gain the researched benefits of being fully present. Cost: $20 for each session ($80 for the series) (Concession rate - $15 per session)
  • Connecting with Children: Discipline with Love
    Postponed due to COVID-19
    Restoring Hope Counselling
    Postponed due to COVID-19
    Restoring Hope Counselling, 253 Great Western Hwy, Oxley Park NSW 2760, Australia
    A positive parenting approach to fostering resilient and confident children.

Contact details

Restoring Hope Counselling is a community partner of St Marys Baptist Church.

253 Great Western Hwy, St Marys NSW 2759

200 metres past Glossop St on the city bound side of the Great Western Highway.

02 9834 1777

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